Our team continues to grow!

It’s been a busy year of growth and improvement for our team, with 3 new people joining in November, December, and May!

Diamond, CIO

Diamond, CIODiamond is a CIO who works with the senior leadership of businesses and institutions to look at Information Technology from a different perspective – Strategically! Diamond knows that while technology can be frustrating, it also enables new opportunities, and that a more strategic approach to IT can transform businesses for the better.

Diamond has been helping C-level execs and key business stakeholders bridge technical considerations with business priorities since 1995, in roles spanning Consultation, Management, Planning & Enterprise Architecture, and IT Strategy. Diamond has established a successful track record of building managed services for technology companies, developed IT Strategy for Academic and R&D metro/campus projects in the Middle East, and in the decade prior to joining My IT Guy, Diamond was running a successful MSP of their own.

In their spare time, Diamond enjoys learning about spacetime and psychology, getting distracted by video games, and spending time with family and friends.

Spencer Gough, IT Solutions Expert

Spencer Gough, IT Solutions ExpertSpencer is originally from Toronto where he completed his diploma in the Computer Networking and Technical Support program at Seneca College. He has been living in the Kitchener area for several years now, on a weekend you might catch him watching a Formula 1 race, playing video games or catching a hockey game.

Spencer has been working in IT since 2014. He started working with a large financial institution but over time has found his passion is helping small and medium sized businesses make the most of their IT infrastructure. Always patient, Spencer is great at explaining technical concepts in an easy to understand way.

Susan Climenhage, Client Experience Coordinator

Susan Climenhage, Client Experience CoordinatorSusan uses her many years of experience in the IT industry to ensure that you get the right solutions to meet your needs.

Since receiving her Honours B.A. from the University of Waterloo, Susan has become an expert in business development and in understanding the needs of clients. Susan is adept at taking technical terms and explaining them in a way that is clear and relatable to her clients and their situations.