Your computer doesn’t take days off; it should be cruising along nicely all of the time. When something’s wrong, you’ll know it right away.

Symptoms of a Computer Virus

Call us immediately when:

    My IT Guy Virus Removal Service

  • Your computer slows down inexplicably
  • Your email is behaving erratically-bounce backs or emails sent that you didn’t send
  • There’s unusual computer behaviour such as hard drive noises when idle
  • You see the “blue screen of death”
  • An unknown anti-virus ‘service’ announces problems

These are all signs that your computer has been compromised. We successfully remove spyware, malware and viruses from your system WITHOUT having to reformat your hard drive.

Anti-Virus Software

Good anti-virus software can provide protection against computer viruses and spyware, but not all anti-virus tools are created equally. We’re your no-nonsense solution to navigating your way through the challenging world of anti-virus and spyware software.

I have relied on My IT Guy for several years now, and refer many colleagues to this efficient and cost-effective service. Adam and his team keep my computer, which is used daily as I am a self-employed writer, purring contentedly! Not at all tech-savvy myself, I so appreciate having a reliable and trustworthy “IT guy” available on an email’s notice! Adam, your service rocks!
Stephanie Clark, New Leaf Resumes
Reduce downtime and get back to work sooner – use our remote help service to have viruses and malware removed remotely.
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