It’s a headache

GoDaddy is not “just another CSP”. They are unique, with a highly customized (and limited) 365 environment that was created when, in 2014, Microsoft and GoDaddy announced a strategic partnership to help small businesses. This is a BIG problem for any “small” businesses with BIG business goals.

Sure, but isn’t that just your opinion?


Here’s what others have to say:

cSolutions IT: Why You Should Not Use GoDaddy for Microsoft 365

  • Limited Features
  • Weird Billing
  • Lack of Scalability
  • Sign-in Problems
  • You Don’t Have the Same Admin Interface
  • You Could Run Into Other Issues

Admiral USA: Stop! Don’t go with GoDaddy for Office 365

  • Now you’d think the logical step of migrating off the platform would be easy, right? ”

    But it isn’t.

    It’s a complex procedure that can take up to 2 whole days. And that’s when it’s done by an actual IT technician. For people that have a business to run, this is too much hassle. As an end user who has a business to run, poking around in the registry looking for a fix is not the best use of your time.

    Yes, rooting around in Outlook to find client information or not having emails sync with phones and the shared company calendar leading to missed appointments can be frustrating.

    But using a solution like GoDaddy for Office 365 simply isn’t an efficient business practice. While the ‘low’ upfront cost may seem attractive, remember it’s only available via a multi-year subscription, you’re getting less service and the whole ecosystem is riddled with extra complexities.

Mr SharePoint: Microsoft Office 365 vs GoDaddy Office 365 [Breakdown]

  • GoDaddy is geared towards small businesses  with more or less ten people.
    • The problem lies when that organization expands and will need to use more technology and application.
  • GoDaddy, as a way to appeal to small businesses, make the user interface definitely simple .
    • But that simplicity becomes a problem as it severely limits the organization’s capability to expand and use more applications other than the ones that come with GoDaddy’s offers.
  • As your business needs grow, there is a big chance that Microsoft has the right tool. All you need to do is buy access to that tool and integrate it with your Microsoft account.
    • Unfortunately, even if GoDaddy’s offer is still Microsoft 365, any one of their plans doesn’t offer the same flexibility . If you try to purchase an add-on from Microsoft or for Power BI, you get redirected to a page shown below and blocked from downloading  additional add-ons.
    • This makes it impossible for you to upgrade your workspace and use more Microsoft applications than GoDaddy’s plans include. This is why others refer to GoDaddy Office 365 as a “trap”.

Benefits of using a *proper* Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solutions Partner)

When dealing with an authorized Microsoft CSP like My IT Guy you can expect:

  • No Difference in Pricing: The licensing prices are the same whether you purchase from a “Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner” (like us, and most of our competitors), or direct from Microsoft.
  • IT Support: By purchasing through a Microsoft “CSP”, we become your first line of support. This means, if there are any Microsoft product related issues, CSP folk can talk to Microsoft on your behalf as we are your partner. If you purchase direct, you would have to contact their support services direct.
  • You Have Ownership: The licensing is “owned” by you regardless: If you choose to switch Microsoft Partners, your “tenancy” with Microsoft is easily ported to any other provider.
  • End User Info: When your Microsoft tenant is created, all end-user info is YOURS. Microsoft then requires us to share their Customer Agreement with you.

Some “purchase” vs “manage” disambiguation:

  • Purchase: All of our clients purchase their Microsoft 365 licensing through us. This can be a request to our team to update the licenses, or you can also be setup to make changes directly to the amount of licenses through a storefront portal we can setup for you.
  • Management: Managing, as in assigning already purchased licenses to different users, and/or resetting user accounts/passwords/etc, is a role that can be assigned to you or any of your internal staff

The further illustrate the benefits of the points touched on above, I invite you to check out this article – 5 reasons to use a CSP for your Microsoft 365 licensing – Cloud Business , which goes into even more detail on why it’s more valuable use CPSs for 365 licensing.